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We are Kacee and Colin, queer therapists who are proud to be out as mental health providers. We believe that people seeking therapy benefit from knowing that we are part of the diverse LGBTQQIA+ community.
We first met at the Queer Bodies in Psychotherapy conference in San Francisco in 2008 while students at the California Institute of Integral Studies. CIIS blends Western psychotherapy with Eastern philosophies, exploring the interplay of mind, body and spirit. Our shared passion for working with LGBTQQIA+ people followed us to Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center where we completed our training and developed the vision of Queerapy. We brought Queerapy to Portland in 2013 and the Hudson Valley in New York in 2017. We also launched our virtual therapy practice in 2013, enabling us to extend our reach and serve people who are unable to travel or live in areas without access to qualified queer-competent therapists.

Who we are:

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