Kacee M. Markarian, MA, LMFT

I witnessed an amazing spectrum of human behavior through more than a decade as a successful hair colorist and makeup artist in diverse locations, from a posh salon in Manhattan to weddings in Marin, CA and from drag shows in New York to queer feminist sex-positive porn shoots in San Francisco. I developed reverence for my clients' intimate stories, and they often lovingly referred to me as their "hairapist." I finally realized that I wanted to go further than simply listening. My professional training in Integral Counseling Psychology at CIIS brought that desire to fruition.
My clinical orientation is psychodynamic, existential-humanistic and trauma-informed while also incorporating good old-fashioned humor and creativity. My personal and professional ethics are informed by anti-racism, fat liberation and radical queer politics.

Queer Therapist

California LMFT 86524

Oregon LMFT T1062


Phone: 503-902-4859