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What we do:

Therapy for Gay and Queer Men

We bring many years of experience to help you gain insight and direction if you find yourself faced with any of the following common challenges or opportunities:

  • Coming out to yourself, your family and/or your friends

  • Dating, safer sex, healthy versus compulsive hookups

  • Negative self image: body size/appearance, shame about being gay/queer

  • Substance use that goes beyond casual or medicinal into self harming

  • HIV status and how that impacts personal health, sexuality and relationships

  • Developing healthy relationships with your birth and/or chosen family, partner(s) and friends

  • Setting healthy boundaries to limit exposure to toxic people and behaviors

  • Struggling with anxiety, depression, and/or anger

  • Life transitions: adolescence, college-to-career, career changes, chronic illness, retirement

  • Relationship challenges: differences in needs/desires, monogamy, polyamory, open/non-monogamy

  • Family issues: marriage, adoption, fostering, surrogacy, known donor, co-parenting, navigating divorce

  • Aging in a culture that is often youth-obsessed

  • Reclaiming or defining spirituality through personal exploration and/or community involvement

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