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Why Queerapy?

Queer + Therapy = Queerapy

"Queerapy" is playful and easy to remember. We love it, and we hope you do, too. Therapy is often serious. Humor and play lighten the load and deepen connection.


We love "queer" for its inclusivity and complexity. LGBTQQIA+ is a mouthful and doesn't include everyone. (Neither does "queer" but it's as close as we could get in one word!) The reclaiming of "queer" empowers us to embrace and celebrate non-normative genders and sexualities. "Queer" also questions and destabilizes all marginalizing and oppressive cultural narratives with a social justice aim. 


Queerapy is a process that begins by connecting with someone who listens without judgment and accepts all of who you are. That alone is often profoundly healing. Together we explore how you relate to yourself and the world. We identify the patterns and stories of your life. We ask questions: What are your needs? Desires? Dreams? How well do you communicate them? What is holding you back? What feels difficult? We help you reclaim marginalized aspects of yourself and learn new life strategies so you can move through pain or numbness to feel more free and alive. 


If Queerapy is right for you, Kacee or Colin will be honored to join you on your journey. Contact us to find out!

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